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Located in Seminole Heights, Rooster & the Till offers some of the most exciting food and drink in the area by Chef Ferrell Alvarez and Ty Rodriguez.

What started in 2013 as a 37-seat restaurant with a few induction burners has evolved into a 72 seat, award-winning establishment with an always-evolving menu and wine list for adventurous diners looking to be challenged by new flavors.

Co-owned by Chef Ferrell Alvarez (2017 James Beard Foundation semi-finalist, Best Chef South) and his longtime business-partner and friend Ty Rodriguez, Seminole Heights' Rooster & the Till (named No. 1 restaurant in the Tampa Bay Times' Top 50 list of 2018) looks forward to greeting new customers while always keeping regulars on their toes with guest chef series, Pop-up events and an always changing Tasting menu.

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(813) 374-8940


6500 N Florida Ave,
Tampa, FL 33604

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Mon-Sat 4p–6p

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Mon-Thur 4p–10p
Fri-Sat 4p–11p



We have a parking lot directly next to the restaurant at the NW corner of Diane St. & Florida Avenue.


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We're always humbled by the response we receive from our guests we get to serve.
It's our honor to serve you and make your experience at Rooster & the Till the best it can be.
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passion pays the bills

A young chef leaves his position as Chef de Tournant at Tampa’s luxury resort and spa, Saddlebrook. Having trained at the Cincinnati Culinary Institute he was venturing off to join the creative vision of a true architect of modern cuisine in the Tampa Bay area, Marty Blitz of Mise en Place. His soon-to-be acquaintance, finished his degree at New York Restaurant School where he then went on to become General Manager of the New York City staple, The Cupping Room Café. Holding hope to move back to his hometown and work for a consistent detailed service restaurateur in the Tampa Bay area, he found Maryann Ferenc, also of Mise en Place.

And so they meet. Two individuals working for the two people who help define the Tampa restaurant scene for over two decades. Chef Ferrell Alvarez and Ty Rodriguez would form a lifelong friendship over the next 10 years. Together they instilled the words passion, integrity and progression into all facets of their life and careers. More importantly, began to understand the sense of community a restaurant can provide a neighborhood and even a city.

It was there that a plan was hatched to create their own concept. Twelve years later, Rooster & the Till opened in December of 2013. The duo now possessed a foundation that is usually unique to siblings. Chef Ferrell’s creative force and drive set the tone for all things kitchen and menu, while Ty lays focus in curating a wine list to match the complexity of all components. They strive to look for the detail in all movements of the restaurant. Table settings, dish plating’s, support for their neighborhood and true respect for their staff, all play into the very fiber that is Rooster & the Till.


Ty rodriguez
& ferrell alvarez

Ty and Ferrell, owners of Rooster & the Till firmly believe in their motto, ‘Teamwork Makes the Dream Work,’ that a restaurant is nothing without the people and personalities who work there and dine there. 


brian lampe
chef de cuisine

Born in Piqua, Ohio but raised in Vero Beach, FL, Brian attended Wilmington College in Ohio, later moving to Florida to attend Indian River Community College. While at IRCC he got his first taste of cooking at Indian River Estates to help pay his way through college. In 2000 he enrolled at Florida Culinary Institute. Brian earned the opportunity to externship at Cafe Boulud in Palm Beach and has never looked back. After moving up the ranks in top restaurants throughout Florida, Brian was hired as Sous Chef of Rooster & the Till was next up and after many months of hard work and dedication Brian was named Chef De Cuisine of the Rooster and has been in intricate part of the restaurants culinary success, while also providing Chef Alvarez with the tireless support of all things kitchen.


myles gallagher

Myles Gallagher's love of food began at home. Being surrounded by parents who had a passion for cooking, and growing up in restaurants, it's no surprise that lead him to where he is today. Gallagher was first introduced to the industry in the kitchen of The Bricks in Ybor City. From there, he moved into a service position, and eventually, general manager. As an admirer of Chef Ferrell Alvarez's food, he was thrilled to be offered an opportunity to be a part of Rooster & The Till. Under the guidance of Ty Rodriguez, Myles challenged his wine, food, and service knowledge, and has been thriving with the restaurant since the opening in 2013. As manager, he's hoping to inspire those around him to always keep learning, and to share in the passion he has for this industry.



"We thought it was only right to share with everyone all the people that have helped make R&tT a reality. Listed here are contributors from those who helped us build our dream with their bare hands to those who have assisted us financially in some way. We truly appreciate the support and recognize the fact that none of this would have been possible without all of you. Thank you everyone. Much love!" - R&tT

Bill Riemer
Joe Babcock
Urban Oasis
Culinary Classics
Pasture Prime Family Farm
Phillip Alvarez
Hope Gervais
Jean Lehman
Greg Jasso

Jolyon Acosta
Kiel Walker
Myles Gallagher
Louis & Joan Gigliati
Seamus Gallagher
Suncoast Food Alliance
Brandon McWilliams
Chris Kelly
Nicole Alvarez
Jaime Rodgers

Jose & Patrica Alvarez
Lou & Linda Prida
George Melendez
Mark Naugle
Barbara Curts
Joey & Tab Rodriguez
Valerie Scafoglio
Joseph & Claudine Caballero
Kyle Habershon

Bryan Roberts
Jose & Cynthia Rodriguez
Todd Sturtz
Brian Schaefer
Tina Brzezinski
Eva Alvarez
Helena & Bodhi Rodriguez
Brian Lampe
Chon Nguyen